Pull the ‘right’ lever on Nov. 8

This is clearly one of the “most important” presidential elections in many years for all of us! This is an election about the future direction of our great country. It is an election about important issues that will affect each and every one of us, including the appointment of Supreme Court justices. It is also about the character, judgment and integrity of the nominees.

We have very different choices — one is the typical establishment politician and the other from the “outside” with a fresh set of views and ideas. Each candidate may have their pluses and minuses but it is clear that one of the nominees has more minuses than pluses Hillary Clinton. She has a string of bad judgments, corruption, a high unfavorable rating, and yes, untruthfulness. The list goes on and on … enemy sniper fire overhead; improper handling of classified government materials; questionable accomplishments while Secretary of State; mess in the Middle East during/after Secretary of State; concerns over the Clinton Foundation; and a bunch of (35) “I don’t remembers!”

Experience for the highest office in the land counts, but what kind of experience is key? Personally I prefer experience that will “Make America Great Again!” And don’t forget Hillary Clinton has already named all Trump supporters as a “Basket of Deplorables: Racists, sexists, homophobic, and Islamophobic.” She may well have been including you and I in her rants.

Pull the “right” lever on Nov. 8!

George Cook