Medical pros support fluoridation

We, the undersigned, emphatically support the fluoridation of Wilmington’s water, and encourage community members to vote yes for fluoride on Nov. 8.

Every year we go without fluoride, more of our city’s children suffer unnecessary and preventable tooth decay. American communities have been fluoridating public water since 1945; it has been proven safe and effective over the last 71 years. Our community’s children deserve this shot at better health.

We support community water fluoridation because we know it to be safe, effective, and absolutely critical to the health of our children. Please vote yes for fluoride on Nov. 8.

Ruth A Dooley, MD

Jeffrey Manser, MD

Lisa Ziemnik, MD, FAAP

Mary Ann Merling, MD

Shawn Swick, MD

John Merling, MD

Terry Holten, MD

Rachel Sneed, MD

Mary Krebs, MD

Laura Smith, CNP

Ed Wagstaff, DDS

Ross Wagstaff, DDS

Gary Blumberg, DDS

Levi Hamilton, DDS

David T. Van Zant, DDS

Pamela Bauer, MPH