Trump’s ride may be a bumpy one

Pundits claim mostly dissatisfied white voters elected Donald Trump president. What we can expect from him, as president, is an open question. During the campaign, he promised to “drain the swamp.” To date, he has appointed lobbyists and Washington insiders as advisers and cabinet members — nearly all are rich white men.

As one with no previous government experience, we must wonder what kind of president will he be. Can he work with Republican senators who denounced him during the campaign? How many of his campaign promises will be kept? Will he jail Hillary? Will he eliminate, or modify, Obamacare? Can we expect more boots on the ground in the Middle East?

Many of his promises will be difficult to keep. Building the border wall has little chance of being approved by a Republican-controlled Congress determined to cut spending. Natural gas, oil and solar are replacing coal. Can we expect that people will replace robots and automation in our factories?

Many say his economic policies will add to the national debt and there is a strong possibility of a recession. Congressional leaders are discussing making huge changes to Medicare and Social Security. Do we really want a Muslim registry? Many, if not most, terrorists are home-grown.

Sometimes you need to be careful of what you wish for. Trump voters may not be so enamored with him in a couple years. We could be in for a long bumpy ride.

Don Spurling