People have spoken on fluoridation

I was disappointed to see that in the recent article “Council OKs budget, moves forward on fluoridation” that Councilman Lonnie Stuckert continues to oppose moving forward with water fluoridation. My question to Mr. Stuckert is this: Why did you vote in favor in allowing the citizens to vote on this issue if you clearly had no intention in respecting the democratic results?

Mr. Stuckert voted twice to put the fluoride issue on the ballot, once as a member of the water committee, and once as a member of council. His opposition after the issue received overwhelming community support shows that he never had any intention in respecting the will of the people he is sworn to represent. The people have spoken — the vote to fluoridate our water (like the rest of Ohio!) passed by 56 percent.

Mr. Stuckert seems to think he knows more about what is good for my family than my children’s pediatrician or their dentist. In the last two council meetings, Mr. Stuckert has called into question the knowledge and integrity of the many local physicians and dentists who testified in front of council to the benefits of fluoride and signed on to support the ballot issue. It is not Mr. Stuckert’s job to serve as my doctor, and instead he should do his job by taking responsibility for doing what his constituents have asked for him to do — fluoridate our water.

Laura Struve