Showing respect for all

I would normally never do this just because of the backlash most people want to give when you express your opinion to the public, but I had a good friend that I respect dearly say that if we all just put our heads in the sand, how can anything get better for anyone, and for the world? That’s why I respect people willing to open up, good or bad, because it gives us all food for thought. I respect protestors as long as it’s peaceful and non-violent because they are taking the time to express their opinions.

What makes America great is that anyone can express their opinions peacefully and not go to jail or get hanged. But to all those out there that want to say get over it, let’s unite and make America great again. How can we do that when we feel we might be going in the wrong direction? I was disappointed in the column that Gary Abernathy wrote criticizing Meryl Streep and all actors, when more than likely he thinks Ronald Reagan was a great president (and I feel he did OK), and praised a man that overdosed on prescription drugs. If you overdose on heroin or prescription drugs, you still overdosed, and you’re still dead. Meryl Streep didn’t mention any names but just stated she didn’t believe people should make fun of others.

I can’t help but think those out there with diversity and who do their best are heroes and someone to look up to. You would not want someone to make fun of you. That’s why I think that Gary is not the “sharpest tack in the box” as he put it about actors. One of the greatest sayings ever was by Forrest Gump, whose mother told him, “Stupid is as stupid does.” We all should think about that.

I hope someday we can concentrate on what made this country great. We didn’t judge everyone that did not agree with us, we cared about all the people in the world and not just the lucky few privileged to be born here. We try to help the less fortunate, and care for everyone in the world with love and compassion, not hate.

Mike Bigelow