American people come first

I am glad Gary Abernathy speaks up — he is smart and tells it like it is. I didn’t like it when Obama was president, so I (like many) had to deal with him. What have Congress and bigwigs in Washington done for their people? They drew their checks, health insurance and parties for the so-called stars. All the money they gave to other countries and gave our people a tiny Social Security raise, which went back to Medicare.

How is the government going to support millions of people coming in? Take more from Social Security, Medicare and PERS? Also our people that need welfare — what will happen to our poor? The US is in debt so far we may never get out. Why do we have to give, and when we do the countries run the US down? Yes, I fell sorry for families that want to come in, but first we have to get rid of the ones in with the good people. Some of their own people killed them and burned their homes.

How many of the protestors have jobs? Some destroy property and hurt our police. Why? Give our new president a chance like we did the ones before us. I hate to watch the news; on and on it goes. Russia may have gone to war with the US with Obama as president. So, we’ll see what happens. Pray.

Paulette Carter