Attacking the earth

One of the terrible features of the agenda of President Trump and some Republicans is an attack upon the earth we live on. One aspect of this attack is the destruction of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Do we believe that the earth is not warming? That there is no increase in the number of earthquakes in the continental United States? That mercury is not a poison to our children? That glaciers are not melting at an increased rate? That it is a good idea to pollute air and water?

Here is an alternative to disaster: Resist. Organize. Vote. And pray that:

“A day will come when the sun shines down through cleaner air

And the sea will wash our shores with cleaner waves

A day will come

When the earth will burgeon with the peace that comes from forgiveness

And when everyone, at peace with his neighbor, will feel secure.” — Bo Setterland, Severge, 1977.

Paul W. Skogstrom