Kind gesture by local residents

To the residents of Clinton County,

On Tuesday, March 21 our family was suffering from a terrible and tragic loss — we were saying goodbye to a dearly beloved son, grandson, brother, father, nephew, cousin and friend. Family members, neighbors and friends from all over the country had come to mourn, pay respects, say prayers and share memories.

One aspect of that dismal day, however, brought us a moment of pride and comfort. We left the funeral home in Wilmington around 11 a.m. and proceeded north on State Route 68 to Miller Cemetery on Gano Road in Liberty Township, some seven miles north of Wilmington. In a funeral procession of over 40 cars, we witnessed virtually all cars and trucks in the oncoming traffic pull over to show their respect and acknowledge a grieving family.

Our relatives and friends from across the country — including Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Alaska, Michigan, Illinois, Vermont, Massachusetts and others — were amazed. They had never experienced such a kind gesture in their home states. Even those from Cincinnati and Dayton had never seen anything like this.

Thank you to those that stopped and gave up a few moments of their busy day to pay respects and acknowledge our grief. We were deeply proud of our citizens that day. May God bless our entire community. Your consideration and kindness were absolutely recognized and greatly appreciated.

We’d also like to thank Ron Stryker, Gary Mason and Richard King for their thoughtful assistance controlling traffic and parking at Miller Cemetery and Gano Road that day. It is, and always will be, appreciated.

Groves-Halye-Mohler Families