Vote yes on WCS levy renewal

I am writing in support of the Wilmington City School levy renewal.

Throughout my career in Wilmington, I have had the opportunity to work with countless businesses, both large and small, and I have listened to their needs. Small businesses need more customers with more disposable income to spend on local goods and services. Large businesses need workers that are hard-working, thoughtful, and skilled in technology.

High-quality education is critical to meeting both of these needs.

The landscape of economic development has changed. In the past, the availability of hard infrastructure like land, roads, and sewers dominated businesses decisions. Today, this hard infrastructure is still important, but the ability to attract and retain highly skilled workers has become critical.

To be a prosperous community that is home to profitable businesses, we must continue to invest in our people. This levy renewal will not raise taxes, but will maintain the funding that WCS already receives. We are very lucky to live in a community in which our school district is a good steward of our tax dollars. Continuing to invest in our school district’s success makes us a stronger community.

I encourage you to vote yes for the Wilmington City Schools levy renewal.

Mark Rembert