Why have gas prices gone crazy?

Has anyone noticed the astronomical jump in gasoline prices recently at the pump? The price per gallon stood at $1.93/gallon and quite quickly (next couple of days ), the price was 56 cents per gallon higher at $2.49/gallon. That’s a 29 percent jump in a couple of days while during the same time frame the price of crude oil jumped only some 8 percent.

Who is the culprit here? The oil companies, the distributors or the retailers? It surely isn’t what should be driving prices up or down – supply and/or demand. And isn’t it interesting that practically every one of the gasoline retailers in the immediate area have the same price per gallon? I guess the customer is clearly being “taken advantage of!” Maybe we should just fill our tank up half-full next time and find out to whom we as consumers should complain to. Somebody in the chain must think that the consumer has no choice.

George Cook