McKay choice for economy, quality of life

If you want Wilmington’s City Council to #GovernWithCare to protect and empower your quality of life as a Wilmington resident, I hope you will consider Mark McKay as your city council president. I’ve done business with Mark for years and know him to be an ethical businessman. (I live in the county and run a business in the city, so I have a voice but no vote.)

Longtime residents of Wilmington know that unethical corporations, like DHL, can run and sometimes ruin our lives. Corporate corruption of government is not new to caring citizens. The Boston Tea Party was sparked by a corporation colluding with the monarch to steal from the colonists.

At a time when even the United Nations is concerned about corporate corruption in government, Mark’s understated courage is commendable. I believe every conversation we have, especially about governing, is ultimately about morality, human well-being. Mark is the candidate for city council president who links the idea of local economic development with a concern for our quality of life.

The moral mission of public government is to protect and empower its citizens, which is not the mission of corporations. This election, like every election, is a referendum on our common morality. Do we want caring representatives to protect us from unethical corporations, to help us run our own lives, and to promote the improvement of our quality of life? If so, vote for Mark McKay. I believe he will #GovernWithCare.

Chuck Watts

Clinton County