Blan schools thank community

Time and time again, citizens of the Blanchester Local School District have stepped up to meet the needs of their school. Voters overwhelming approved a proposal to renew an expiring Permanent Improvement Levy by 80 percent in Clinton County, 79 percent in Warren County and 59 percent in Clermont County. The past three elections, going back to the 2002 election, the levy (in Clinton County) had passed by an average of 62 percent (2012, 71 percent; 2011, 62 percent; and in 2002, 54 percent).

Receiving such strong support is just remarkable. Voters have consistently supported their schools throughout my 54 years of living in the community. I appreciate the board of education’s decision to place the levy on the ballot this spring and to keep the millage at its current rate. So thankful for the effort and hard work our levy committee did over the last three months in planning, preparing and promoting as well.

“The passage of the levy was a testament to not only the levy committee but also to the work of the school board and district personnel,” said Levy Committee Chairman James Kidwell, adding, “Levy Committee members Kyle Wilson, Mike Williams, Donna Lansing, Jason Whitaker and Phil Trivett went above and beyond this past week promoting the levy. I’m very thankful for their efforts along with Sheila (my wife) who worked behind the scenes designing the yard sign and making phone calls.

Board President Keith Gibson said, “By supporting this 30-year old levy, the community has again placed a tremendous amount of trust in the board of education, district staff and has clearly shown their continued commitment to the Blanchester School District, for which we are truly thankful. I would also like to thank the levy committee for their efforts.”

These dollars will enable us to upgrade our much-needed bus fleet. On behalf of our 1,640 students and 240 staff members, we extend a humble and heartfelt thank you to the voters in our community.

Dean D. Lynch


Blanchester Local School District