What happened to diversity?

Is diversity becoming obsolete? I believe so. Just look at the “diverse” cabinet-level personnel now in power — 19 old White men and five White women (92%), one Black man (4%) and one Asian woman (4%). Recent U.S. demographic data report: 63.7% White, 12.2% Black, 4.8% Asian, 16.3% Hispanic and 1.1% Native Indigenous — Wikipedia Demography of the United States, March 16, 2017.

Clearly, the current executive branch is unaware of or just doesn’t care about the unique opportunities diversity can create.

Women, people of color and persons with pre-existing medical conditions are being marginalized under this new regime. Misogynistic behavior and racial slurs only cause more conflicts and are counterproductive. Why is it acceptable for Senator Elizabeth Warren to be called “Pocahontas” while her male colleagues are addressed as Senator?

Why it is acceptable for a person (Teresa Manning) who doesn’t believe contraception works to be appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Office of Population Affairs in charge of “funding for contraception, STI testing and other reproductive medical care for low-income and uninsured men and women across the country.” — Mother Jones, Hannah Levintova

Why is it acceptable for young black men to be killed at a disproportionate rate vs. young white men? Why is it acceptable for a proposed health care plan to eliminate coverage for persons with pre-existing conditions as Rep. Mo Brooks states in a recent interview on CNN?

These actions are not acceptable. White males are not the only contributors to this economy. I believe if there was more diversity in all three branches of our government, these inequities would not occur.

Judy Stapler