Sabina 2000 thanks community

Sabina 2000, a non-profit organization, contributed a substantial amount of money to area projects over the past 17 years. It will disband, effective June 30, according to a member of the group’s board of trustees.

The Sabina 2000 Board of Trustees voted Monday, June 12 to terminate all fundraising and close out the balance of funds that have been managed by the Clinton County Foundation. The Board of Trustees decided to terminate all activities because of the low interest in new projects and the difficulty of raising money.

Sabina 2000 was formed in March 2000 in order to raise money for distribution to projects and organizations which would improve the quality of life for those living in Richland, Wayne, and Wilson townships.

The Board of Trustees would like to say thanks to all the individuals, families, and businesses that helped make our organization successful through generous donations, hours of volunteer time, and manual labor. A special thank you to the Clinton County Foundation for managing all our deposits and disbursements.

Our current Officers and Board of Trustees are: President Susan Kempner; Vice President Alfred Kendall; Secretary Ella Mae Nunley; Treasurer Cindy Glenister; Bob Carter, Kim Hess, Thelma Hubbard, Jill Richard, Phil Snow, and John Woodmansee.

Also, many thanks to all former officers and trustees for their time and service.

Some of the notable projects include:

• Restoration of the Village of Sabina’s public pool

• Assisting the Richland Township Park Trustees with the completion of three new ball diamonds, dugouts, lights, restrooms, water foundation, basketball courts and shelters.

• Paving a walking track at the Richland Park

• Purchased tornado siren for the Village of Sabina

• Entrance signs for Richland, Wayne, and Wilson townships

• Funds for concession stand at East Clinton football field

• Support of Pee Wee Football and Sabina Recreation Department

Susan Kempner, President

Alfred Kendall, Vice President

Ella Mae Nunley, Secretary

Cindy Glenister, Treasurer

Trustees Bob Carter, Kim Hess, Thelma Hubbard, Jill Richard, Phil Snow, John Woodmansee