There are some various serious questions that the electorate needs to ask: “For the Left … Have you no shame?”

Bickering, name-calling — calling our president a schmuck, burning down the White House, pushing the president off a cliff, holding up a severed, bloody head of the president, calling for impeachment a couple of months after the election, vile rhetoric, obstructionism — doesn’t get the people’s job done! Has anyone told you that the Democrats lost the election fair and square … maybe because of the candidate and the message? Perhaps the Left should be looking inward and examining the real reasons for their campaign loss instead of blaming everyone and everything else! And by the way, it is not the popular vote that elects the president, it is the Electoral College that represents each of our states.

Russia, Russia, Russia will not get the people’s and the president’s agenda delivered. Perhaps we should initiate some other investigations, i.e. 30,000 deleted emails, scrubbed hard drives, destroyed communication devices containing highly sensitive and classified information. Is there a double standard in play today? You bet. Just listen to main street media and Hollywood. But does Congress live on another planet? Are they capable of making a decision? Are they totally inept? Looks like the Left is in shambles but is the Right also? How about we seek some common ground and get the people’s job done and set politics aside? Is that possible? Doubtful!

George R. Cook