Terrorism by America’s government

Regarding Randy Riley’s Aug. 15 column “Violence, intimidation don’t work”, he perpetuated the old lies/myths put out by the government. The press did their usual poor job collecting facts.

His first paragraph defining “terrorism” as “the unlawful case of violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims” was right on. That exactly fits what the Feds did in the case of Ruby Ridge and Waco.

The ATF got an individual to ask Randy Weaver to cut off the barrel of a gun, making it a “destructive device.” He refused. Finally he grabbed the gun and hacksawed it off. They set up around his house, eventually using an FBI sniper to take aim at him, missing and killing his wife while holding her baby. Before that an agent shot and killed his 11-year-old son. A US Marshal was also killed, probably by friendly fire. Guess what happened to Randy when he went to court?

That’s terrorism by our government. Every American should have been incensed.

Waco – I must have asked a dozen people, “Do you know what crime David Koresh is reported to have committed?” The press spread rumors that Koresh molested children. In reality, the ATF stated Koresh was ordering parts to convert semi-autos to full autos. They stopped a UPS truck headed to the compound but didn’t find the parts. Story two was that the driver saw a package partially opened and it contained hand grenades. One TV report showed what the public would think were hand grenades, but were actually paperweights (no fuses).

Riley says they raided the compound “to search for illegal weapons.” Really? He also wrote “David Koresh used firearms to support some of his radical religious positions.” Facts: The ATF attacked a religious compound and could have arrested Koresh when he went to town. They called in the military (against the law/constitution). Then with A.G. Reno and Clinton signing off they destroyed the compound.

The NRA offered to hire an independent group to go through the debris, gather the weapons and use experts to see if any were converted to full auto. The government buried the evidence. Where was the outcry from the American people? Of course, McVeigh was wrong. He let his anger lead him to do the unthinkable.

Americans should be just as upset about Ruby Ridge and Waco as they were about Oklahoma City.

Ted Murray

Chester Township