Set school days in stone

School is in session and it’s still August! I grew up in Waynesville where we started the day after Labor Day and ended the day before Memorial Day. Very simple. I’m told these dates were set in the early 1900s.

Today school starts in mid-August and isn’t out until the first week of June, if then. Why? We had 12 days at Christmas, five at Easter and five at Thanksgiving. We also had five days we called “snow days” to use if necessary. Still we started and ended on the set dates every year.

Why has today’s scheduling gone so far off track? If it worked for families and schools both for over 100 years, why change it?

Here’s something else to chew on — the State of Michigan has those dates actually written into law, “come hell or high water.” Don’t believe me? Look it up. We Buckeyes don’t want Michigan to get ahead of us even one yard on the football field; why not our education field also? After all, if it still works for Michigan, shouldn’t it still work for Ohio?

So how about it board of education? It sure would simplify things.

Dottie Flaugher