Cast vote for schools, future

Eight years ago, my family was looking to move from our large suburban school district and try something more rural and cozy. I was coaching for Little Miami and loved it, but they were in financial crisis.

We heard about a quaint little district up 22/3 — Clinton-Massie — and upon a visit, a high schooler held the door open. The principal took a break to chat with me, and Esther treated me to a tour of the school.

On weekends, school grounds became our playground. My husband and son enjoyed Friday night’s communal gathering of folks inspired by love of their team. We are aware of the schools’ role in cultivating community pride.

If I stay home November 7, I’m doing a great disservice to my community.

If our schools don’t have the funds to provide the types of quality educators, materials and access to professional development I know other school districts have, and cut opportunities, should our athletes have to pay more to play … If the quality of my children’s school is compromised, we let down a segment of our population with our future in their hands.

And people like me — like-minded educational proponents, looking to move — move on.

If only 60 percent of the population with children in the district have the power to pass this levy, I have to show up. The $15-$30 I’ll have to budget each month so my district, teachers, administrators and community can breathe, is worth every penny. No doubt.

Amy Kreider