Rights not negotiable, they are inalienable

“More guns don’t mean more safety” got only one thing correct. Nevada is an open carry state.

She suggests felons, etc. be banned from owning guns. They already are.

AEI says the number of guns has increased by 56% since 1993, at the same time gun homicides dropped by over 49%. Teamed with the dramatic rise of concealed carry, the facts show more guns does mean less crime and dramatically so.

She says the founders were talking about muskets. Rubbish … repeating firearms like the Puckle gun existed 60 years prior to our revolution. The 20-shot Giridoni existed 12 years prior to the Second Amendment. Lewis and Clark had a Giridoni with them.

Insurrections? The founders intended us to have military pattern arms to both keep a domestic tyrant from coming to power and to keep foreign invaders out. It’s discussed in letters of the founders and in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers.

Silencers/suppressors don’t really really silence and would not have made the events in Vegas more deadly. In fact they reduce bullet velocity and increase carbon fouling back into the firearm, making malfunctions more likely. Suppressors help preserve your hearing, and frankly are required in most of Europe.

To suggest gun collectors or anyone needs a license to exercise a specifically enumerated Constitutional right is offensive on its face. All American civil rights are to be protected jealously and I would really suggest anyone who thinks otherwise stop and rethink the folly of their position.

Tim Inwood