They’ll work to reduce tax burden

If the mission of city government is to serve the people in a cost efficient and effective manner, then partisan politics has little or no function in that undertaking.

Here are my views and opinions for the upcoming Wilmington City Council election.

In Wilmington there are 7 percent more females than males, but those majority interests are represented on council by less than 2 percent of the current members.

Think about that. The financial, medical, K-12 and college levels education and hospitality sectors are the major employers in the city. Hospitality is well represented by uncontested Councilman Purkey. Financial is covered by uncontested councilman Jonathan McKay. Kristi Fickert, running uncontested for Third Ward council person, is the vice president of a nationwide internet marketing company. Incumbent at-large candidate Kelsey Swindler works in management at Clinton Memorial Hospital. At-large candidate Tyler Williams is a counselor at Wilmington High School. Third Ward candidate Michael Allbright is employed by Wilmington College.

It is my understanding, that due to increasing city revenues, Swindler, Williams and Allbright will work toward reducing the property tax burden on city residents, including senior homeowners and commercial property owners.

Our council can’t increase taxes — but it can reduce them.

Paul Hunter