Vote no on Blan tax, again

It seems like the last 4-5 elections in Blanchester we have had an income tax issue on the ballot. In the past it has been voted down and now the Village Council in their infinite wisdom feel that it should be on the ballot again.

Signs in favor of this tax issue say it is an “Earnings Tax”; the flyer of those in favor of the tax says it is an “Earnings Tax.” The actual wording that will be on the ballot says a “Levy on Income” so an “earnings tax” and an “income tax” are two different forms of tax. If you own rental property then you will pay the tax on rental income, retired or not.

The flyer in favor of the “Income Tax” says there are three things the money will be spent on: hire a village administrator to oversee all departments including the BPA, repair roads and infrastructure and keep and maintain a fully staffed police force. There is nothing in the resolution that dictates how and where the money will be spent. Council members can decide to spend the money on other thing with a simple majority vote.

Until the village can control spending and cut the waste, I will not vote in favor of an Income Tax or “Earnings Tax”. An example would be providing health insurance benefits for the mayor that council passed by ordinance. Do we need to provide health insurance benefits for a “part-time mayor”? I think not.

Robert M. Morgan