Bipartisan effort needed vs. climate change

Man-made climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and it will take a combination of government and private solutions.

Currently in Congress there is a bipartisan caucus that meets regularly to discuss policies to address climate change. There are currently over 60 members in the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. Including several from Ohio. The caucus requires that any member of Congress that wishes to join must join with a member of the opposite party. There is currently a waiting list of Democrats.

I think that this caucus will be very important for future action on climate change. Coming from a family farm, I worry about the future stability of our climate and the effect it will have on agriculture. Food security is a very fragile thing that many people in America take for granted.

In order to stay ahead there must be further research to understand the impacts that climate change will have on agriculture. It will be up to caucuses like this that will help protect funding for future research and ensure that American farmers are able to adapt to climate change and ensure the food security that many Americans take for granted.

I would like to urge Rep. Steve Stivers and Rep. Bill Johnson to reach across the aisle and join this important caucus, and join the conversation in Congress to begin to address climate change.

Mathew Hursey