Moving forward with Blan earnings tax

After many years of stagnant growth and development, current village council, the mayor, village personnel and other community members have united to make positive improvements in Blanchester. Recently, a committee formed and brainstormed ideas on how to make Blanchester more fiscally sound. It was decided to investigate the best practices of thriving communities.

Group members met with mayors, village administrators and financial officers of nearby communities and returned with innovative ideas on improving our village. Hiring of a village administrator was highly encouraged by the leaders of other successfully managed communities. That role would be to manage and supervise all public works and undertakings of the village, as stated in Ohio Revised Code 735. The hiring of the individual will be a proactive movement in complying with state policy as Blanchester moves toward becoming a city.

Everyone desires positive changes in our community. We would like to see neglected lots cleaned up, sidewalks and streets repaired, and to continue our beautiful lighting project downtown. I believe such projects would be most cost effectively implemented under the direction of a village administrator. We want to attract new restaurants, businesses and manufacturing. To continue this revitalization effort, an earnings tax is needed.

The amount of service the village council can deliver depends on your vote. With your “yes” vote, we can continue to improve the Village of Blanchester.

Don Gephart

Member, Blanchester Village Council