Vote no on local ballot issue

This is a true story; I think people deserve to know the truth. On Saturday afternoon I was sitting on my front porch near my red “No tax” sign that refers to the additional $8 million property tax issue. A person stopped a vehicle in front of my driveway and the person yelled obscenities at me regarding the levy.

At first, I was frightened, but then I became angry. I followed the vehicle in order to get the license plate number and then followed it to see where the vehicle was heading — to a local address. When I returned home I was shaking and I discussed the entire event with some of my neighbors. One said they witnessed the person yelling at me and overheard what the person was saying; another neighbor said he knew who it was.

I will not be intimidated by the evil things this person yelled at me, and I encourage other voters to also vote “no” on this issue.

Jeanne George