Some of the perks of public office?

Concerning a recent article on Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s plans, “From the speaker of the Ohio to a commissioner in a small county?” Maybe he can use the donations from his fundraiser, the 2017 Winter Warmer that took place Feb. 4 at the Bay Club, a luxury golf and country club in Bonita Springs, near Naples. Attending the general reception and dinner cost $1,000. Additional brunch and golf options were available to those who donated $5,000, $10,000 or $12,500 to Rosenberger’s campaign fund. (source: Columbus Dispatch)

He could also arrange for a summer cooler in Sligo to raise additional funds. He also might finally reveal who paid for his trip to Turkey as an indirect guest of an Ohio charter school sponsor cum rebel agitator Mr. Gulen. (source: Akron Beacon Journal)

It’s doubtful that the Speaker will need such fancy digs in Clinton County. The public is in the dark about how much he is paying to rent a 2,200-square-foot luxury condo from a well-heeled GOP donor. Ohio ethics law doesn’t require Rosenberger to offer public proof that he is paying a fair market rate. (source: Columbus Dispatch)

Paul Hunter