‘Yes’ on G1 will protect neighborhoods

I am the resident who inspired the Gateway District — G1. I have lived in the proposed G1 area along East Locust Street for just over 37 years. Over these years I have observed negative trends in the condition and care of many of our most beautiful and historic neighborhoods, and these trends continue to harm many of the entrances into Wilmington.

A few years ago I was dismayed when a house down the street from me was demolished and replaced by a large, illuminated Family Dollar sign. I was shocked to learn that the zoning protections I thought I had, did not provide me or my neighbors any protection from this. I went to the city and after two years of discussion and debate, the G1 was adopted.

Zoning is about the future — when you are responding to a development, it is too late to do anything. Had my neighborhood been zoned G1, the issue with the Family Dollar sign would not have occurred.

Much money is being invested in signs and mailings by those trying to defeat it, and misinformation and scare tactics are being used rather than facts. The G1 will not solve all of our concerns about Wilmington, but it will be a step in the right direction.

Vote “yes” on G1.

Marcy Hawley