Retain Daugherty as muni court judge

We recommend Judge Mike Daugherty to be retained as Judge of the Municipal Court of Clinton County. We have known him for a number of years to be a good and honorable man in the many things he is involved with in the communities he serves.

More importantly, he has demonstrated that he always takes the high road in life as a man of integrity and honesty. In today’s society, that cannot be understated, not only in politics, but also in business. We see so much of the opposite, both in the way people run their campaigns and administer their office, as well as how they run their businesses. Mike won his earlier victory through good, hard and honest work. We appreciate that in a candidate, whether it be local, state or national.

All of his life he has served his church, his community and his family. He has a servant’s heart, and it is obvious that he wants not just to administer justice, but to help save lives and help other people get on the high road that he models in his life. We respect his compassion in wanting to get people back on the right path, not just serving a sentence.

Dan and Bev Mayo

New Vienna