Voters should have choice on street repair levy

Referencing the News Journal’s Wilmington council at-large candidate interview 10/17/15: In the run up to May’s primary election, several candidates for council made the easiest promise a candidate can make — “If elected I will not increase taxes.” This infers that council has a choice in the matter of increasing city property or income taxes.

In reality, council has no choice. Only we voters can make that decision.

In the above-referenced interview, Councilperson Milburn was quoted as saying “I think that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.” In spite of the fact that she has no official choice in the matter, she said, “I’m not for a tax increase… (and) I don’t think we need to cut any of our city services.” How a voodoo budget would accomplish this feat she left to our imagination. With no funds for repairing rapidly deteriorating streets, a budget cut to the bone and as much as $1 million required in state matching dollars to repair just a few miles of the worst streets on the horizon, prospects are dim.

Councilman McKay and candidate Swindler agree that voters be given a choice to vote on a street repair tax levy. What’s the downside to that approach?

Paul Hunter