Vote ‘no’ on G1 Gateway issue

To quote Mayor Riley, “The purpose of the Gateway District, or G1, is to create a zone focused on preserving the character of our gateway corridors.” For this reason I strongly oppose this G1 District. As written, the G1 Gateway District Regulations would not preserve the character we cherish. The following is taken directly from the Regulations: “1152.011 Permitted Uses: d. Specialty Retail — Including but not limited to: Gift Shops, Candy Stores, Stationary, Clothing, Jewelers.”

Including but not limited to — this opens a world of possibilities and problems. That beautiful Murphy home with the stunning serpentine wall could become including but not limited to an Adult Bookstore (Permitted Uses: 1152.011 – Specialty Retail). Now, before the screaming commences, I know this is the worst case scenario. It’s not likely, but it is permitted.

People who live in the Gateway Corridor bought their homes as a residence and have lived there for decades; this turns all of these homes into business opportunities. The G1 Gateway District is an example of a good idea gone wrong. It started out to protect the homes/buildings 75 years and older. It became a conduit to opening businesses of any shape or form, as long as the building doesn’t get torn down. Can’t we work together, preserve the historic buildings, grow our community and protect homeowners? Please vote “no” on Referendum #5218 – G1 Gateway District.

David Reeder