One nation under God

Terminate executions? The New-York-Times-why-am-I-not-surprised editorial (WNJ, Jan. 10) offers this reason: “To bring America in line with most of the rest of the world.”

On the contrary, it is time to apply the death penalty more regularly and expeditiously. Capital crimes warrant capital punishment. What is needed is a standard for determining justice.

The Scriptures and our heritage of canon law is a good place to begin. Without a divine standard for knowing right from wrong, it is a spurious notion to advocate for anything but anarchy. By what other Standard is justice to be found?

Jail for capital crimes is a crime against the tax payer who is forced to pay for the upkeep of those who have forfeited their right to life. A good public whipping would serve much more beneficently for minor crimes.

No. Most of the “rest of the world” is not an attractive standard for justice. The “rest of the world” is looking rather in shambles as it abandons or refuses to embrace the Law of God. Modernism, with its anything-goes, hippy ethics has led us down an antinomian path of sodomy, abortion, and transgender nonsense.

Time for a U-Turn and submission to the Big Ten (Commandments) as one nation under God and His Law.

Michael Bray