Trump’s many early accomplishments

The Left has been so vociferous with regard to the “meager accomplishments” of President Trump in his first 100 days, calling it one of the weakest 100 days for a sitting president in history. Wow! If we do a fact check I think it just might be the opposite, particularly when having to do battle with the obstructionist Left. But then they said he would never win the election in the first place against the Democrat “heir apparent” … oops, another major error by the Left.

Here are a few of the president’s accomplishments during his first few months in office, and by the way Nancy Pelosi one would hardly call it “crumbs!” At the end of the Obama Administration the Dow Jones Average was 18,161; today it is approaching 26,000! Passage of the Tax Reform Bill providing $5.5B in cuts; repealing the Obamacare mandate; GDP finally above 3.0 percent, a number never reached in the Obama Administration; unemployment at a historical low at 4.4 percent; general economic confidence index at a 17-year high; creation of 1.7M new jobs; killing numerous job-stifling federal regulations; aggressively attacking unfair trade policies for the U.S.; directing federal agencies to identify where federal dollars are wasted specifically where military aircraft is being procured; taking a much stronger U.S. stance with regard to ISIS and easing restrictions on the rules of engagement placing the generals back in charge; appointment and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court; taking a much tougher stance in protecting the U.S. homeland from criminal illegal immigrants; increasing communities’ protection – grants of $98M to fund 802 additional police officers; took a very strong position on the provision of needed services for our returning veterans, which is sorely needed based on previous unacceptable practices; rebuilding the U.S. military and ordering a new national military strategy to put the U.S. in a position of respect, once again; and, as a result of the Tax Reform Act, how many companies are positively reacting and providing substantial bonuses to their employees? Boy this should bode well for the GOP in the mid-term elections!

Apple just announced a $350B investment in the U.S. and jobs creation. A 20,000 jobs creation effort in the U.S. attributable in large part to the recently announced Trump Tax Plan. Nancy, them ain’t crumbs!

George Cook