Thankful for local women’s health services

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards resigned on Friday. Twelve years ago she joined PP “to fight for a world where every woman can live her best life … together we’ve built a movement to protect and improve reproductive health.”

Richards certainly is a fighter and her accomplishments are impressive. PP’s annual report shows increase in profit of $11.5 million over last year and 321,384 abortions performed, a whopping 880/day. In Richards’ tenure, taxpayer funding has increased from $336.7 million to $543.7 million. With numbers like this, she can certainly hold her own in the ring.

But my agreement with her ends here. While fighting for every woman, Richards ignores the woman still in the womb and forgets that she too began her life there. She also ignores rather clear numbers. In her tenure, breast exams are down 62 percent and cancer screenings 67 percent. In 2016, the number of prenatal services was 7,762 of the 9.2 million services PP claims to have provided, an 18 percent decrease from 2015.

Other numbers show Kentucky becoming the first state without a single abortion clinic and five others down to one. These clinics nationwide are declining — from 452 in 1996 to 272 in the most recent 2014 data. The decrease is largely because basic health and safety standards are not being met.

I honestly feel sad for Richards. With no explanation for her departure, I guess she wants to leave on a high note, before the knockout. She is a fighter after all. From my viewpoint, the knockout is inevitable. Women are concerned about choices in healthcare, and they’re making smarter decisions about where to find services.

I’m thankful to live in a community with no Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic. Clinton County provides excellent women’s health services: non-profit resources, state aid, OBGYNs, a strong health department and fantastic maternity unit at CMH. All work together for the common good of women, children and families!

I don’t know PP’s future, but I’m not devastated by Richards’ news. It’s only a matter of time before Americans realize just how little PP does for women’s health and how wrong it is for us to fund their services. I urge everyone to join me in contacting their representatives in Congress to ask for immediate removal of tax dollars. Let’s better spend our money on complete, holistic healthcare for women!

Sherry Weller

Executive Director,

New Life Clinic