Who does Pelosi actually represent?

As I watched President Trump give the State of the Union address, I felt a renewed pride and a profound joy to be living in what is beyond all doubt the absolute greatest nation on this planet. If I had been privileged to attend, I would have stood and applauded virtually every point the president made.

But there were many, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who did not stand or applaud at all. The president announced the lowest unemployment in 45 years, lowest African American unemployment in our nation’s history, major corporations expanding and hiring, small businesses doing the same, and record-breaking highs in the stock market. These are facts even Ms. Pelosi can not deny. Yet she remained seated and offered no applause. I have to wonder — does she truly represent herself and her party instead of her constituents?

Ms. Pelosi literally sat on her hands and looked disgusted while the president was honoring some amazing heroes: the South Korean young man, tortured in North Korea and left for dead, who waived his crutches in victory over what he had suffered; the police officer and his wife who adopted a heroin baby; the Army sergeant who ran into a burning school and rescued 60 children from a certain death; the Marine corporal who performed a tracheotomy on a fellow warrior, saving his life, all while they were being shelled.

What kind of American refuses to honor those who have gone above and beyond? The election was over a year ago, America spoke. Clinton lost. Get over it! The people you supposedly represent are benefiting in their everyday lives because of this president. You should be thrilled about that — if you genuinely care about them, that is.

Dottie Flaugher