Vote ‘no’ on Ohio Issue 3

Issue 3 is not the be all to end all as the proponents claim. First, the fact that the 10 “farms” have already been selected should be setting off alarms in any rational person’s mind. Second, saying removing marijuana from the drug dealers “quiver” is specious at best. Marijuana is a commodity product than can be smelled out with no problems. Lastly, claiming Colorado has proven the effectiveness of legal marijuana is based on anecdotal evidence.

Two years ago in late summer we visited our daughter in Denver. There were “doctor’s” offices next door to almost every store but hardly any visible street people. This past summer we visited her again. Most of the clinics were gone and the stores were about the same. What had changed was on pretty much every corner in the downtown business/ entertainment district were young folk, none of whom looked older than the mid-20s with their overstuffed backpacks and hands out for money. Two years ago we felt safer than in any major Ohio city’s downtown. This year we couldn’t go a half block without be accosted with every sob story you can imagine, including a few mothers with babies in strollers.

Ohio’s state stores have had little or no impact on public drunkenness. Do you really think “state stores for pot” will fare any better? Vote “no” on Issue 3.

Kevin E. Pyle