Vote ‘no’ — G1 bad for Wilmington

I live in one of the homes affected by the G1 Gateway Zoning. My grandparents and parents both lived here before me. After reading the ordinance, I don’t understand why anyone interested in preserving older homes would be in favor of it. It clearly states that any of these properties, no matter the age, can put up a sign up to 16 square feet, with no internal lighting — so external lighting can be used. Are we talking about spotlights now? Also, homes can be completely gutted, leaving no trace of the original architecture inside. It also states that any business that goes in must have at least two parking spaces in the yard. If the business goes out, we could be looking at a shell of a house and no back yard.

Why is City Council pushing for this? Personally, I feel disrespected. This is an enormous change in zoning that most residents are hearing about through the efforts of a few concerned residents. I’m sure the initial thought process was a positive one, but the final product is a big negative. The facts are right there in print. Look at the ordinance and vote “no” on Issue 5218/G1 Gateway Zoning.

Jane Mathews