Vote Kornman for municipal judge

I’ve voted in every election as a registered republican since 1978 and I’m hoping that my fellow voters will look past party when electing our new Municipal Court Judge in the forthcoming election.

The News Journal’s printing both candidates’ statements was quite illustrative, one being a political stump speech and the other a no-nonsense statement of intent to do a job, that candidate being Sharon Kornman. We have a once-in-the -lifetime chance make history by electing a woman as well as an independent.

Those attributes are meaningless absent her qualities of competence and character which Sharon Kornman possesses in abundance, which I’ve been privileged to witness first-hand professionally and personally better than 15 years. Intelligence, hard work, profound decency, and an extreme distaste for dishonesty are the first best words to describe her actions I’ve witnessed over that time.

I see all the blue signs with elephants and “re-elect” defacing our ditches as a prize for clamoring the greasy pole of a primary and I hope to heaven not a ticket to a judgeship.

Please vote for Sharon Kornman for Municipal Court Judge.

Jeff Baughman