We purchased our beautiful home on North South Street about two years ago. It was used as an office many years ago. Previous owners began restoring the inner beauty, and we are working hard to finish that job. The one thing that was never done was demolishing the asphalt parking lot that was placed in our entire back yard. We hope to do this enormous job within a few years, but it will take backbreaking work and thousands of dollars. Thankfully, this is not visible from the front of our home, but we and our neighbors currently have to look at what once was a yard. Our grandchild visits and plays in an asphalt yard.

The G1-Gateway Zoning would allow this to happen to many other beautiful homes. It is not easy to turn an office/business back into a home for families. We wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through this, and we really don’t want this to be something that can be repeated near us. If we succeed in bringing our yard back, we don’t want to have to look at another back yard parking lot or anything else that accompanies a business near us. Please vote “no” on G1-Gateway Zoning.

Bill and Doris Wood