Using sound judgment for hospital money

I strongly urge the county commissioners to resist attempts by Judge Rudduck — or anyone — to use the principle from the hospital side for their pet projects. The commissioners’ proposal to use only the interest for worthy projects is sound. Once the money is gone, it’s gone. As reported in the News Journal, Judge Rudduck has been after this money ever since he first proposed his “drug court.” I personally oppose using any of this fund for that purpose.

It seems popular today to call drug crimes victimless. As a “victim” of a break-in by an addict who was stealing to support his habit, I take exception. It has been noted that drug dealers, fearing Judge Coss in Highland County, prefer to operate in Clinton County where they are less likely to serve time if caught.

At least if they are in jail one can be assured they are not doing drugs and they aren’t burglarizing my home. The commissioners have shown excellent judgment so far, even under pressure, and I hope they continue to look after this rare asset.

Ted Murray

Chester Twp.