Don’t say taxes reduced when they aren’t

In his speeches, the governor states he has reduced people’s taxes and he has balanced the budget. If what he says is true, then why have my taxes increased? In fact, most of the farmers I have talked with have had a large increase in taxes. My taxes on farm land have gone from $4,800 in 2013 to $13,600 in 2015.

Taxes on farm land differs due to soil types, number of tillable acres, the school system in which you live, etc. The tax money from taxpayers, that for years was earmarked to go back to the townships, schools and villages for operating expenses, has been kept in Columbus. If you think I am wrong, ask a principal at your school, a township trustee or a council member of your local village if they have enough money with which to operate.

Other taxes have increased. The Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) has nearly tripled and the Commercial Activities Tax (CAT Tax) has gone up. Along with paying additional taxes, we are asked to pass local levies during elections to help the schools and villages.

How are farmers expected to deal with an increase in taxes, a huge drop in commodity prices (the price of milk, corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.) and now pay for operating expenses? If taxpayers have had a reduction in taxes, then the governor must have sat through a different math class than me.

Howard Bickel

New Vienna