Rallying in D.C. for pro-life cause

On Tuesday, March 20, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case of NIFLA vs. Becerra, one that has so upset the pro-life cause that thousands are expected to meet on the courthouse steps in Washington, D.C. in protest that morning. The case is an appeal to the California Reproductive FACT Act which went into effect October 2015.

Since that time, pregnancy centers in California have been mandated to publicly post a notice informing clients of low-cost and free state-sponsored abortions. State services already have ample advertising (television, radio, internet, social media, billboards adjacent to pregnancy centers, and handing out leaflets on the sidewalk) without using the voice of pro-life citizens who are being forced to advertise against their good conscience.

Essentially, pro-life champions are advancing a pro-abortion message against their will. I’ve heard someone refer to it as “serving cocktails at an AA meeting.” How ridiculous is that?

This case has grabbed my attention most certainly because I lead a pregnancy center right here in Ohio that might one day suffer the fate of centers in California if the law is not overturned. But even more than my position as a pregnancy center director passionate about the pro-life cause, I am compelled as a Christian to unashamedly stand for truth. Being able to speak the truth, as protected by our Constitution’s first amendment, is paramount! You see, this case is not about abortion. This case is about protecting our right to free speech. If my convictions to share the truth about life are squashed by a government mandate to advertise death, then my freedom of speech is not really protected after all.

I’ll be on the Supreme Court steps Tuesday praying for a favorable ruling. Don’t worry, I’m not one to carry cruel signs and yell obscenities, although that might take place within the crowd. My part will be to show support by my presence and my prayers. Whatever our Supreme Court decides, I know a Judge even greater who is a champion of freedom and deliverance. My bet is on His supreme ruling!

To learn more about the NIFLA vs. Becerra case, visit www.nifla.org.

Sherry Weller

Executive Director

New Life Clinic