Write-in Fear for city mayor

My father has been asked why he is a write-in candidate for Mayor of the City of Wilmington. Here are some reasons: 1) He is passionate about serving the citizens with an open, transparent government; 2) When only one party votes in the primary, there are almost 6,000 citizens that did not have a choice in our “Republic” election system; 3) He has the experience with local government, while his opponent says no experience is necessary; 4) He is running because he wants to be the Mayor, while his opponent is running because …; 5) He values the present department heads to manage their employees, rather than asking for their resignation letters to be submitted before taking office in January. His opponent wants to pick and choose who he keeps; 6) He has management experience from his flight service as a Navy Officer during Vietnam; 7) He has budget experience from 30-plus years as a Bank Commercial Loan Officer and Executive Vice President; and finally, 8) He is the most qualified candidate for the position of Mayor of Wilmington!

Please cast your vote for the write-in candidate in the general election, Paul Fear!

Sara Fear