Take time to thank a farmer

We are just finishing that time of year called “harvest.” Many people think being a farmer is an easy job. It’s just riding a tractor planting or a combine harvesting crops. As the wife of a farmer, I see the other side of the job.

There are many long hours spent getting equipment ready, moving equipment between fields (safely on the roads), repairs, etc.

Every fall when I help my husband move equipment I am amazed at how impatient drivers become when they see us. I have seen drivers pass unsafely and even pull out in front of the equipment. I realize everyone has a busy schedule but drivers need to think about what is safe for everyone. With the weight and maneuverability of equipment, farmers need time to be able to stop properly and safely.

So the next time you come upon a farmer moving equipment instead of getting impatient…Why not say a word of “thanks.” Without our farmers, what would happen to our food source?

With that said… “Thank you” to all the past, current and future farmers. I appreciate everything you do to make our country great.

Angie Calendine