The Left and rhetoric toward president

Day after day after day we hear such vile rhetoric from the left and main street media directed at our POTUS. It never stops. Here is the latest name calling in the Sunday NYT April 15 from writer Maureen Dowd: “When you have a demonic child in Washington splattering dark stinking bile, croaking gibberish, spewing vulgar personal attacks, lying to sow confusion, whining about the unfairness of the attempts of righteous men to compel the diabolical behavior and head-spinning outbursts to stop, who do you call?”

And a recent article in the Washington Post by Francis Fukuyama, Senior Fellow at Stanford University where he espouses additional vile rhetoric towards our president: “President Trump is likely to go down in history as a weak and ineffective president. He has failed to carry through on any of his campaign promises (perhaps the author should review carefully President’s Trump’s first 100 days of real accomplishments, including a massive tax cut, which none of the Democrats voted for, and set the record straight with the real facts). He further indicated that President Trump’s most immediate weakness is his own ignorance of the workings of the U.S. Government.

Thirdly in an article in the NYT April 20, 2017 by Charles M. Blow, he called the POTUS a “Fake and a Fraud and telling the electorate what they wanted to hear so that he could get what he wanted to have. He played you for fools! Sounds much like a Nancy Pelosi name-calling rant. And calls for impeachment of the president were voiced early in his term.

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) was the first Congressperson to call for President Trump’s impeachment last May, hardly a few months into his first term. Still smarting over his victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton! “How dare a non-establishment person become the POTUS!” — Senator Elizabeth Warren

In May, 2017 in a speech she delivered indicating “the way things are going (in the White House), if the next three years and 261 days are like Donald’s first 100 days, I wonder if America will ever be ready for a male president again?” Which recording of President Trump’s first 100 days did she read?

Enough is enough already – quit the vile rhetoric and lets get about the “People’s Business!”

George R. Cook