Cemetery, community deserve ‘yes’ vote

As a funeral director, I spend significant time in various cemeteries. As a granddaughter, I frequently visit Sabina Cemetery.

For me, along with most others, the cemetery holds those who meant a great deal in life and carry special places in our hearts following death.

The cemetery is a place to visit, remember, to maintain memories, and a place to connect, in whatever way, to those we’ve lost. Many visit to pay respects and achieve closure.

Regardless of the draw to the cemetery at the corner of College Avenue and Polk Road in Sabina, I believe visitors should be proud of one of our villages’ oldest treasures. The grounds speak for themselves; visitors can attest to the high quality of care and maintenance provided.

On the upcoming ballot, Richland Township residents will be asked to vote on a new levy — one that provides funding for development of remaining acreage, allowing for many more families to utilize this gorgeous resting place. Development is eminent; preservation of grounds is necessary.

Continued support for the caretaker and trustees to expand on available resources ensures the cemetery continues as a beautiful memorial for decades to come.

Current residents, and many who have moved out of town, plan to be buried here; others may be making that decision in the future. If you’ve not benefited from what’s been provided since 1800s, you likely will sometime in the future.

I encourage you to help our community — vote “yes” on May 8.

Ashlee Bramel

Littleton Funeral Home