Ellis deserves your vote for state rep

I would like to respond to the recent attacks that you might be receiving against Beth Ellis. In them, she is portrayed as a “Columbus insider” and “tied to special interests.” I have known Beth’s family and her mother, Judy Schnatz, through her long career at Clinton Memorial Hospital and her continued work with the Red Cross on a national level. Many of Beth’s family members have been deeply involved in community service for many years. The attacks against her are laughable and intentionally deceptive. Beth Ellis is a genuine person who cares deeply about her community.

The people of Clinton, Highland, Pike and Ross counties would be served well by Beth. This is an important election for our area, and we need a representative the caliber of, and with the conservative values of, Beth Ellis. Beyond her passion to serve and give back, Beth’s best asset is her background and knowledge in a variety of subjects. Beth is a small business owner, 17 years in the healthcare industry, a private pilot, Clinton County Port Authority board member, president of our local Farm Bureau, Convention & Visitors Bureau board member, and she spearheads Operation Cherrybend to help our returning soldiers. Only someone with a caring servant’s heart gets that involved.

In a time when political attacks just seem to be getting more and more negative, Beth is a breath of fresh air, and I’m proud to be supporting her.

Mark Kratzer