Ellis represents a winning future

Every election is about the future and not the past. On Tuesday May 8, I’m voting for Beth Ellis to represent us in the 91st Ohio House District.

Like many of you, my mailbox overflows with campaign materials, some of it useful, some of it peddling misinformation and misdirection. I’ve read carefully the excellent News-Journal coverage of the race, and I’ve come to know both candidates as well as any voter can expect.

In this time of rampant negativity in politics, it’s easy to be distracted by lies and rumor. Unlike others who are rightly exhausted and offended by negative campaigning, I’ve appreciated the positive and principled issue positions taken by Ellis with her laser focus on jobs, economic development and bringing our community together. As a farmer, businesswoman and community leader, Ellis has assembled a resume which will make her an effective representative for all of us. Beth listens carefully, she’s smart and has a work ethic and fighting spirit that will deliver effective representation for all of us Columbus.

Beth Ellis represents a winning future that we can all support.

Sam Stratman