Have we lost our way in political arena?

Has this country gone mad over political differences? Are we near a political party war? The division seems so deep between our major political parties that an all-out explosion seems possible if the vile, ugly, heated and hateful rhetoric continues. We cannot adopt a political philosophy that “if it isn’t going our way, we hate it!” But that certainly seems to be the case.

Whatever happened to political party discussions and coming to a consensus on key issues? Have we lost our sense of real, viable discussion? I don’t think the founders of our great republic and the framers of our wonderful, time-tested Constitution would be very proud of our current political situation. Are we drifting away from our long held values of “law and order?” Do we not understand that in political elections that encompass key political issues, there is eventually a winner and a loser? Is winning at all costs the answer? I doubt it. Do we have to shout in an outraged fashion “Impeach the President” even before he/she is sworn into office? Further, do we actually throw government employees (from the other party) out of a restaurant and taunt them all the way out the door and down the street? Do we refuse to actually serve members of the other party as they sit down for an evening meal – and are asked to leave the restaurant? Surely our moral compass has not degraded to this level in this great country – or has it?

I believe that presidential elections are won or lost based on the candidate’s background, experience and his/her platform and message to the voters. Is it possible that some presidential candidates are more skilled at espousing and promising to deliver what the electorate is hoping for? And more importantly, delivering on his or her promises? It certainly seems that the political rhetoric and outrage following our most recent presidential election has absolutely reached a new high, and a very dangerous one at that. It has certainly gone far beyond normal political differences. Political candidates have to understand that winning an election is not a given – it has to be earned. Is there an end and/or a tapering off of this animosity, or will we end up at some point in very dangerous territory?” Or are we already there?

George Cook