Americans must keep these issues in mind

With the presidential election upcoming, it is important to discuss the issues such as the economy, our military and the tax code. This was done extensively even in the presidential debate yesterday evening. Where will our country be headed if our economic problems are not solved and if our tax system of confusion and loopholes is not fixed? More importantly, where would we be without the strongest military on the planet? Thank God for our service men and women and please go out of your way if need be to thank a veteran as we honor them today!

However, let us not forget the more than 3,000 innocent human beings who are being slaughtered every day in the United States! I am referring to our abortion epidemic. How about the uptick in violent crime in our nation? How do these candidates plan to give these Americans a voice and put these issues to rest? This should be an important issue to all Americans! Please keep this in mind as you listen to our presidential candidates and as you head to the polls.

God bless America!

Mark Richmond