Defining, enforcing immigration, family laws

The illegal alien problem is very complex and has been complicated by the refusal of the Executive branch of government not enforcing the laws the Legislative branch passed many years ago. The law called for the separation of children from their parents during the vetting procedure. Our country must protect our citizens from those who have criminal records, and investigate the truth of family relationships to know how to help these people.

We finally got a president that is willing to enforce the law. Unfortunately, several organizations anxious to impeach Trump banded together to protest, not wanting enforcement of the existing laws. Your paper reported the Wednesday (June 27) before the “rally” that Trump canceled his effort to enforce that law and published a list of the “Families belong together” organizations supporting this rally. I would like to point out the hypocrisy of these organizations.

Abortion separates children from their families. Some of these same organizations are strong supporters of abortion. Divorce separates children from their families. How many of these protesters have ever rallied for “marriage until separated by death?” If a citizen does something illegal and is put in jail, they are separated from their families without protest from these supporting organizations.

Families seeking citizenship could have followed the legal process which does not separate families. If we become a nation without borders, we no longer would be a protected country. U.S. citizens would be fleeing to countries that define their borders, protect and educate their citizens and give opportunity for themselves.

Under Obama, the definition of family changed. Under Clinton, the definition of a family was the uniting by marriage of one woman and one man. Gender was created by God. Only the gender we are born with can propagate our family heritage. I would challenge the Democrats that are concerned about families to protest their own leadership’s definition of family, so that propagation of their family heritage may continue.

Doug Terrill