We can’t move toward socialism

There’s a movement in America, especially among young adults, toward the idea of socialism. This is very disturbing. Socialism is a first cousin to communism. These young people are being told that socialism is the answer to everything in their lives. The primary message is free everything for everyone. The government would pay for all of it. That means the money would have to come from us. All taxes would be so astronomical that there would be little to nothing left for you:

1. Free rent. Banks would collapse in a matter of days. Property owners would instantly lose their 30-year investment. You say they could sell their property, but who’s going to buy it? Remember, the banks are gone. Why would anyone want to buy a home when they can live there for free?

2. Free healthcare: Ask Canada how well that works; it’s been a disaster. Everyone with an ingrown toenail or sore throat is clogging the system. If you get appendicitis and need surgery, there’s not one bed available. Their doctors and surgeons are overwhelmed and leaving. It’s hard to blame them.

3. Free education. Plus, you won’t have to be a high school graduate to attend college. What? You won’t pay for tuition, books, lab fees, nothing. With no money coming in, who’s going to pay the people to even mow the grass?

4. Lower the voting age to 16. Insanity. Every parent who remembers when their kids were 16 understands why this is absurd.

5. If you’re in America illegally you would have all these rights, plus the right to vote. It’s said that over half don’t even speak English. How will they read the ballot? It’s also said that approximately 70 percent of these illegals don’t have the best intentions, not to mention the drugs they bring in.

6. Abolish ICE. So who’s going to pursue and arrest that 70 percent?

7. Open borders. A nation without sovereign borders is not a nation at all. Our Founding Fathers said that, and it’s the truth.

In the end, if you have a job, you won’t have anything to show for it. Again,the banks will be gone. No more direct deposit. Even if you have an actual paycheck in your hands, what are you going to do with it?

Dottie Flaugher